Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Places Around CUTTACK

In our busy day-to-day life, we Kataki miss to celebrate small things like visiting nearby places etc. Being in the field of education, I get ample free time during which I explore the places surrounding the millennium city, Cuttack. On a Sunday afternoon after a sumptuous meal, I decided to start a merry go round type journey starting from Sikharpur area of the city. The first place at which I stopped was the Mahanadi Barrage. It was a manifestation of engineering endeavor. Due to incessant rain in previous days there was flood in Mahanadi and all the gates of barrage were made open. Oh what was the power of this mighty river [Pic1, Pic2]. The famous Taladanda canal originates from this place. This river fed canal is stretched up to Paradeep, the port of Orissa.
The next interesting place on the bank of Mahanadi is Jobra Barrage Works. It is a heritage building constructed by the British people. Initially it was a factory at which boats and streamers were repaired by English mechanics. During that time the rivers were the most popular paths for communications. The chimney of the factory is now called Pillar of Jobra [Pic]. The dilapidated building shows an ancient Wall Watch and a Bell at the top [Pic]. Mahanadi boat club is established near his structure.
Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engineering (BOSE), the oldest engineering school of orissa, is one of he milestone at the periphery of Cuttack. SCB Medical College, the premier institution imparting medical education with all modern hospital facility, is another proud possession of this ancient city.

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