Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Banki and Ansupa Lake: Two tourist places near Cuttack

Greenery on side
     During Puja vacation I took my honda activa and friend Samir for few hours pleasure travel to near by places. The Banki is around fifty kilometers from here and can be easily reached by two wheeler. The road is good and is almost parallel to the bank of river Mahanadi. On one side we can enjoy the biggest river of Odisha while the other side is full of greenery. On the bank of river there are extensive cultivation of vegetables and to our delight we can purchase fresh vegetables.

Vegetable Cultivation 
On the way one worth while place is Gayal Banka-Devi Dwara, a place very close to Mahanadi. During flood it used to get submerged and was regularly disrupting the road link to Banki. At present a new road has been constructed at higher elevation to avoid this perennial problem.

The second important place is Jatamundia Chowk which has a new bridge on Mahanadi that links Athagarh to Banki. The left hand bifurcation road took us to Banki which is only nine kilometers from Jatamundia.
Jatamundia-Subarnapur Mahanadi Bridge
There is a river called Rana which merges with Mahanadi. During last flood the old british period bridge over it was washed out and a new one was constructed nearby.
 New Bridge over Rana River adjacent to old washout Bridge

Rana River merging with Mahanadi
Banki is famous for hindu goddess Maa Charchika. This time I have not gone to the famous temple. One can have daarshan of Maa and also can take prasad at the temple. I took the road to Kalapathar and found two interesting items. There is a small temple near the road which has this unique tiger sculptor. This tiger is in sleeping posture which is rare.

The sleeping tiger statue

The necklace shaped mountains

Ansupa Lake is only four kilometers from Jatamundia Chowk in opposite direction. This is one of the biggest plain water lake in India. Adjacent to it is a small hill called Saranda Garh which is now eco-tourism centre. On the hilltop there is a beautiful garden and bamboo cottages for nature lovers. 

The history of Saranda Garh
Bamboo Cottage Sign Board
Mahanadi and Ansupa Lake from Hill Top

A Selfie at Saranda Garh Hill Top

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Mangalajodi: A paradise for bird watchers

Mangalajodi, a small hamlet located at the northern part of Chilika Lake, is the cherished place for migratory birds during winter season. The birds from far-off places like Siberia used to visit this wetland for their survival in frigid time. Though the brackish lake Chilika attracts large number of foreign birds during this time, due to rampant poaching now-a -days one will find decreasing count of above birds. Mangalajodi offers an alternative place where local people are educated to preserve the biosphere. The wetland has two to three feet level of water during winter season. Local people will act as guide to identify various types of migratory birds. Some enterprising people have developed eco-tourism to attract tourists from different parts of India and abroad. It is located near NH5 and is only seven kilometers from Tangi (Khordha), Odisha.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Majority of Odisha Students did not prefer Engineering Education in 2014.

The current year OJEE admission to various engineering colleges in Odisha showed surprising results. Out of roughly 45 thousands seats available in 100 private colleges, only 10 thousands got filled. This has created gloomy future for faculty members who are mostly underpaid. Many colleges have started various cost cutting measures like reduction in their staff strength, no annual increments,etc. But unfortunately these college management have not taken any positive initiative to move out of this vicious circle of lower admission-lower income-lower investment-poor student output-lower placement to create positive educational environment. The state needs entrepreneurs to run these professional colleges not businessmen.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Advances in Solar Energy

The solar panel itself costs around 60 % of total solar energy system cost. More and more research are done to lower the cost and efficiency of solar panels.Now-a-days solar cells are available in flexible form which can take any complex shapes. Read these two articles.
1.Chinese manufacturers have ­dominated the international ­market for conventional solar ­panels by ­building  bigger ­factories faster. Now they will need to ­innovate to maintain their lead.
2. Foldable  solar panels.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Horticultural Farm near Cuttack

On Thursday,i.e. 15.12.2011, we have visited a horticultural farm developed by SAMBANDH, a not for profit organisation, at a place near Cuttack. One can reach this farm by traveling past Charbatia and arriving at the outskirt of village Kochila Nuagaon. It is almost 40 kilometers away from Cuttack. A large number of saplings of mango, lemon etc. are produced each year and are supplied to NABARD. The farm also houses a good training centre which provides training to local people regarding management of natural resources.

There is also one ayurvedic product manufacturing unit that uses medicinal plants procured by local people. It also encourages organic farming for vegetables which command premium prices.
The sales outlet situated inside the farm provides good number of ayurvedic products to the visitors.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Collaborative tools in teaching-learning process.

World wide web provides new platform for collaborative project execution and continuous monitoring. I have created a wiki site for online collaboration of students and faculties of Department of Mechanical Engineering, ABIT Cuttack. One can access the wiki at mechanical-abit.wikispaces.com for more information. This type of free wiki site is a good place to go virtual for experimental purpose.