Saturday, September 06, 2014

Majority of Odisha Students did not prefer Engineering Education in 2014.

The current year OJEE admission to various engineering colleges in Odisha showed surprising results. Out of roughly 45 thousands seats available in 100 private colleges, only 10 thousands got filled. This has created gloomy future for faculty members who are mostly underpaid. Many colleges have started various cost cutting measures like reduction in their staff strength, no annual increments,etc. But unfortunately these college management have not taken any positive initiative to move out of this vicious circle of lower admission-lower income-lower investment-poor student output-lower placement to create positive educational environment. The state needs entrepreneurs to run these professional colleges not businessmen.

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md said...

Dear Chinmay Sir. This post is indeed thought provoking. College owners, administration, policy makers, parents and students need to give it a serious thought. When IT was in boom (1990+ - 2000+) many colleges did mushroom every where, in every state. Odisha was no exception. Everyone parent and every student aspired acquire an Engineering certificate. While the college owners and administration was busy increasing the intake capacity and in the process make profits out of this new sprung Education section. Unfortunately, no one cared to evaluate the infrastructure required to support this kind of growth to sustain quality education. Students did succeed in earning degrees not the same cannot be said about knowledge. A practical approach. An application of the knowledge acquired. When IT saturated, the next big shift was into Mechanical/Civil/Electrical sector with Production/Engineering sector making a buzz. We are again heading (or already reached)a saturation in terms of demand and supply. Less jobs being created and more students passing out each year. No one teaches us ever to be an entrepreneur. We lack the vision inherently. Our brain in not trained to look beyond monthly pay cheques. This mindset requires some introspection. We need entrepreneurs in every field. Starting from Education field itself.