Saturday, August 21, 2010

Virus, Bacteria and System

The recent onset of Swine-Flu epidemic in Odisha reminds me the peculiar characteristics of the Eco-system involving virus, bacteria and human body. The viruses become active during certain period of time when the atmosphere’s temperature and humidity provide extra boost for rampant multiplication. The viruses attack the weak human body and further lower the fighting capability of immune system. During this period the harmful bacteria which remain dormant till the time of virus attack, become active and damage our vital organs.
Similar activities are also observed in organisation throughout its life cycle. It willingly or unwillingly accepts viruses from the environment. When the system is inherently weak, virus (particular category people) automatically enters inside. With passage of time it weakens the immune system of the organisation. There are always combinations of useful and harmful bacteria (particular category people) available in any organisation. The presence of virus provides immoral boost to harmful bacteria to carry out nefarious activities. Gradually the whole organisation becomes weak and sick. Many times this type of case ultimately becomes fatal. Therefore the organisation has to quarantine or eliminate if possible, these harmful bacteria for healthy living. Proper immunisation will keep the virus at bay for which the organisation must seek the advice of external doctors. No self medication should be practiced.

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